Commercial Services

Lockout Locksmiths has earned their reputation in the commercial property security sector for highly trained locksmiths and security technicians who are experts at supplying and installing electronic access control panels, electronic locking options, master key systems, hardware and assessing loss prevention in commercial property applications like:

Commercial Doors

Lockout Locksmiths has professional experience installing the newest and strongest commercial doors. We offer commercial door services to many different types of businesses including restaurant, office buildings, and store fronts. You can be sure that the installation will be accurate and secure so your business is protected.

Access Control Security Systems

We have the latest knowledge and technology for all of your access control systems needs. We are able to install and repair the most professional equipment with confidence. We understand the importance of your security and strive to achieve that your workplace is safe and secure.

Door Closers

Door Closers are an essential part of your businesses security and safety. These protect your business from harsh environmental hazards from outside, as well as stopping fire from spreading to another room in a bad situation. Door closers come in many grades and have multiple uses that our technicians can install and maintain for your business.

Alarm Exit Devices

Having an alarm exit device is critical to your workplace. These devices are easy to exit door ways incase of an emergency. These devices have a bar to push for quick motion and notifies the employees that its been used. Our experienced technicians are able to install and maintain these devices for any work environment.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

Your personal security in the workplace is also very important to us. We have years of experience installing desk and cabinet locks inside a variety of businesses. We understand that items in your desk or cabinet are valuable and may be time sensitive. Our expertise locksmiths are able to pick a lock quickly and create a replacement if necessary. Our services also include re-keying cabinet and desk locks incase a key has gone missing.

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