6 Interesting Facts About Locksmiths

Like most professions, locksmiths have a wide and varied history with sometimes interesting stories associated with their trade. Talk with our professionals at Lockout Locksmiths to learn all about the little-known services locksmiths offer as well as their own...

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Why You Should Rekey Your House

Rekeying your house’s locks is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to improve your home’s security. Changing the locks completely brands any old keys useless, thereby giving you new locks and keys. Even if you can account for every old key to each lock in...

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Garage Door Security

In most homes, when it comes to security, garage doors are the forgotten relative. When folks install security systems for their homes, they forget about the garage door. When they worry about keeping their home’s windows and doors locked, they forget about the garage...

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Help! I Fell for a Locksmith Scam

At Lockout Locksmiths, we receive calls at least once a week from people here in the Ferndale, Royal Oak and the Metro Detroit area who have been scammed by someone posing as a professional locksmith. We either end up going out with a follow-up remedy for the botched...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Home Security This Spring

Spring is symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth, as well as the quintessential time for spring cleaning. Perfectly coinciding with these, spring is also an excellent time of year to make a thorough assessment of your home’s security. Take a nice long walk around your...

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Signs Someone’s Meddled With Your Lock

Everyone wants to be safe in their home and having sturdy, trusted locks on your doors and windows is one way to increase your peace of mind. Although it’s often clear if you become a victim of a burglary when valuables are taken, it can be more difficult to detect...

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Should I Have a Safe in My Home?

A home safe can be a smart investment for many individuals and families. However, it’s important to understand the different kinds of safes available, and what valuables they are designed to protect. If you store your valuables in the wrong kind of safe, you can...

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3 Reasons You Should Hire a 24-Hour Locksmith

Whether you’re a homeowner working the late shift, coming home from the airport in the early hours of the morning, or losing track of time while visiting friends and family, we admit it’s never a convenient time to get locked out of your home or vehicle. In the...

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5 Ways You Can Outsmart a House Burglar

If you think having a lock on your front door and a latch on your windows is enough to protect your home from burglars, you are wrong. With today’s technology and advanced security systems, burglars are also getting more clever with the ways they target your home...

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Replace or Rekey Your Door Lock?

Your front door is the gateway to your life, so to speak. It opens to your Ferndale and Metro Detroit home where you live with what is most valuable to you—your family and belongings. With such a responsibility, you need to be sure it is secure. If something affects...

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