High Security Locks for Schools, Hospitals, and Churches

According to CBS News, the number of mass shootings in 2019 alone is on track to be an average of one per day. In this day and age of mass shootings in public places like churches and schools, it’s instinctive that organizations are seeking the highest level of security possible.

Our Lockout Locksmiths team here in the area wants to provide you with the information, as well as the products and services, to help keep your communities and organizations safe and secure.

Here are some tried-and-true high security locks for you to consider for your Michigan organization.

Electrical Room Locks

Spaces such as electrical rooms, utility rooms, and store rooms must be kept private and closed at all times. Special high security locks designed for these rooms incorporate an automatic door closer to ensure doors remain secure at all times. A key can be used from the external side while an inside lever can be used to open the door from the inside.

Interior Locks

For storage closets, office space, or meeting rooms that need to be left locked at times but unlocked at others, you may want to consider this kind of lock. You can use a push button or thumb-turn mechanism to lock the door from the inside, but it would require a key from the outside to gain entry if the door is securely locked. This lock does operate with a cylinder mechanism.

Privacy Lock

One step below an interior lock, a privacy lock is often used for dressing rooms or restrooms in public buildings. The simple lock can be secured with a push button or thumb-turn mechanism on either side of the doorknob. Instead of requiring a key to unlock these doors, you need a special tool that can allow you access to any door with a privacy lock installed.

Classroom Locks

Many schools are now requiring individual classrooms to use security locks. These locks are controlled with a master key, and the locking cylinder can be activated from either inside or outside the classroom. In many cases, school districts are requiring these classroom locks be used all the time, even in the case of a lockdown or school shooter situation.

Deadbolt Locks

For exterior doors, you may want to consider single- or double-cylinder deadbolt locks to ensure these outside doors stay locked and secure. Explore the durability of both the lock and key materials to ensure they will be reliable for a long time.

Smart Locks

As technology continues to evolve in the locksmith industry, you’ll start seeing more smart lock options. Many of these current systems involve electronic keypads that require a code to gain access to a main building.

These and similar systems use low-voltage power to engage the lock. To open the door, an individual may use a card or key fob contact if a keypad is not used. The beauty of these systems is you can change the code as frequently as you would like, adding another layer of security. In addition, you can often control access through a remote system like a smartphone or other mobile device.

High Security Lock Options

Many lock manufacturers offer high security locks for schools, churches, and hospitals. There are many proven and long-standing brands with these types of locks. In addition to selecting a quality lock manufacturer, you want an experienced locksmith, like Lockout Locksmiths, who can provide expert installation and guidance when it comes to implementing your security system.

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