Keyless Locks for Home and Car


Keyless entry locks seem to be everywhere these days, not just in the next James Bond film. Convenience and safety top the reasons for such a high demand. These locks are no longer exclusively used by the rich and famous. Anyone who has an interest in this technology can utilize it with his or her West Bloomfield, MI, home and/or car. There’s a plethora of choices for both the home and car, so much that at times it can seem overwhelming to decide what would fit best with your circumstances. That’s when calling our Lockout Locksmiths professionals makes the most sense. We can help you wade through what’s out there and make the best decision for you.

Keyless Locks for the Home

Keyless entry systems for homes have much to offer. As already mentioned, both convenience and safety play a large part in their popularity. Not having to search for your house keys in your pocket or purse while you’re arms are loaded with grocery bags is definitely highly convenient. And losing your key, thereby posing a safety threat if someone unwanted discovers or copies it, doesn’t have to be a five-alarm scenario. With keyless entry locks, you can change the code whenever needed, whether it’s a numeric sequence or Bluetooth® technology. 

There are basically two types of home keyless entry locks: one with a turning device/handle and one that’s a straight deadbolt. Some keyless entry systems will automatically unlock the front door when the keys are within a five-foot distance, so no more even needing to have a free hand to gain entry––highly convenient. Also, not having to make an extra set for your neighbor who’ll be taking care of your cat while you’re on vacation is highly convenient. You can simply share the code, whether it’s the main code or the guest code (also an option on several models), and then change it upon your return if you so choose, which gets a big thumbs up for safety.

The options for home keyless entry are numerous and most utilize either keypad, radio frequency identification (RFID), biometric, or Bluetooth technology. Of course, the keypad entry, requiring a numeric code or sequence of numbers, is the most recognized and utilized option. Just punch in your customized code, and you’re good to go. (Some models have an alternate key-cylinder option included for those not entirely sold on completely keyless.) Another keyless entry choice is a key fob, which works with RFID, in the same manner as your car’s key fob. Get within a specific distance from your door lock, press the key fob button, and voilà, your door unlocks. The third type, biometric, sounds more mysterious and sci-fi than it is––it simply means fingerprint identification. These keyless entry locks require a fingerprint to open, similar to what smartphones or laptops use. The last option, Bluetooth-enabled locks, can utilize either your smartphone or a key fob to sense when you’re within an appropriate distance and automatically open your doors. There’s no interaction required by you except to be in the needed proximity to the lock. It can’t get much more convenient than that, and since you and no one else has your phone, the safety factor is built in. Many keyless entry locks are designed with home automation and smart technology in mind, which quite definitely ups the convenience and safety factors to another level for those interested. 

The primary downsides to these types of locks can be their expense, as they’re still more costly than traditional locks, and they rely on batteries. You really need to keep up with battery changes, or you could find yourself locked out.

Keyless Locks for the Car

Now that you’re up on keyless locks for your home, the options and technology aren’t too different from the locks for your car. There are three basic types: keypad lock, key fob lock, or smart lock utilizing an app on your mobile phone.

Both the keypad and key fob locks work in the same manner as the home keyless entry locks, explained above. On the other hand, the smart technology employs a smartphone app that allows you to unlock and lock your car, again dispensing with the need for actual keys. Technology seems to be growing so quickly these days, there may be more car options before you’re done reading this article. Always ask.

If you haven’t already joined the technology crowd and implemented keyless entry locks for your home or car into your life, it’s never too late. These locks can be installed by a professional anytime you decide it’s a good fit for you, even for your car. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Lockout Locksmiths if you’d like to explore your options further. We can be reached at 248-321-2244.

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