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Ever pushed a cart down the door aisle at your local Ferndale hardware store? Handles, locks, and accessories of all shapes and sizes—it may seem overwhelming. 

But don’t let the wall of a thousand doorknobs fool you. Only a handful of lock types are widely available on the market. Much of the variety comes down to cosmetics and materials. 

When selecting new hardware for your door, put security first. Lockout Locksmiths recommends a durable deadbolt for all points of entry to your Michigan residence. The average home burglary loss is over $2,000, according to the most recent crime data from the US Department of Justice. Investing in quality hardware today could save you money and stress in the future.

Once you learn how to identify locks, you’ll have an easier time communicating with our Lockout Locksmiths locksmith. That way, you can receive expedient service that will meet your needs right away.

Types of Locks

Entry Doorknob/Lever Locks

With entry locks, the keyhole is located on your doorknob or lever. Inexpensive and simple to install, it’s the most popular way to lock your Ferndale home. Once locked, the knob becomes untwistable. This provides some security. 

However, it’s most effective when paired with another lock, like a deadbolt or security chain. If you’re looking for something tried and true that’s affordable, the entry lock is the way to go. 


These sturdy locks offer high security. When you turn the key, a metal bolt slides into a hole in your door frame. This fortifies your door, making forcible entry difficult. 

Single cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on the entrance, while double cylinders can be locked with the key from both sides. Double cylinders provide more protection from theft. However, some jurisdictions don’t allow them due to fire code. For reliable security, invest in a deadbolt for all of your home entrances.

Sliding Door Locks

Sliding doors usually come with a lock that hooks into the side of the doorframe. For added security, you can supplement it with a step-on lock you fasten to the track. If want to secure your patio entrance, you want a sliding door lock. 

Electronic/Smart Locks

Security has never been simpler. Without a key, you can unlock your Michigan home quickly and easily. Electronic locks can open with a PIN code or finger scan. You can control smart locks remotely using your smartphone, receiving security notifications and more. 

These are a great option for a busy family. Is your son home early from soccer practice? Let him in. Did you leave for work in a hurry? Lock your door without turning the car around. 

Cam Locks

You can find these small locks on your file cabinets or toolbox. When you turn the key, you fasten the cam latch, keeping your possessions safe. These are a must-have for safeguarding tax information, liquor cabinets, jewelry drawers, and more. 

Mortise Locks

Once the US standard, mortise locks are making a comeback in businesses and luxury homes. Our Lockout Locksmiths locksmith team is putting in more of these every month. In order to install one, the door cavity must be custom carved to fit the shape of the mortise. 

Mortise locks often have more than one locking function, with multiple lips and a deadbolt—all included in the same piece of hardware. Mortise locks are perfect for the Ferndale homeowner looking for an elegant design with superior security.


These are the locks you use when you’re at school or at the gym. Portable and secure, padlocks can be unlocked with a code or key. They can work well in residential settings for a number of purposes, like guarding sheds or valuables. 

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