The Difference Between a Left-Hand and Right-Hand Door

The Difference Between a Left-Hand and Right-Hand Door - Rear View Of Loving Couple Walking Towards House

So, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your door handle. When you’re ordering, you’ll need to specify your door’s “swing.” That way, you can be confident your contractor will be able to install your new hardware right away, without having to reorder it. 

If your locks need an upgrade, don’t put off the installation. An unsecured door puts you at the highest risk for theft. Thirty-four percent of burglars enter homes through doors, according to numbers from home security company ADT.Choosing a solid and reliable lock will keep your Ann Arbor home safe and secure.

Let one of our Lockout Locksmiths find and install the perfect lock for your home. From start to finish, our Michigan customers’ safety is what we prioritize. That way, you can rest assured knowing your home is well protected. 

When choosing the right door accessories for your home, don’t be intimidated. Once you’ve learned a simple trick, it’s easy to determine what’s appropriate for your needs.

Left Swing or Right Swing?

In politics, there’s “left wing” and “right wing.” With doors, there’s “left swing” and “right swing.” Luckily, working with doors is much easier because there’s only one answer—no debate required.

Here’s how to accurately identify your door’s swing every time:

  1. Open your door part way.
  1. Step inside of the door frame with your back up against the hinge side of the door frame.
  1. Extend both arms straight out in front of you, toward the opposite side of the door frame.
  1. Take the extended arm closest to the door, and push the door open.

If you pushed the door with your right arm, it’s a right swing door. If you pushed with your left arm, it’s a left swing.

Inswing or Outswing?

Industry professionals also describe doors with the terms “inswing” and “outswing.”

  1. If you push your door INTO your Ann Arbor home or the room that the door provides access to, the door has an inswing.
  2. If you pull your door OUT when entering your home or the room you’re accessing, the door has an outswing.

What Happens if I Ordered the Wrong Door Hardware/Provided the Wrong Information?

Don’t worry—it happens! Let your Lockout Locksmith know as soon as possible. That way, you can minimize any shipping delay and our team member can correct the installation plan. We will order you perfectly sized hardware and install it smoothly. 

What if I Can’t Figure Out the Swing?

If your door has any quirks or oddities that make it unclear which way it swings—it’s fine. Reach out to our Lockout Locksmiths locksmith for an expert assessment. We can also help you pick out your door hardware, tailored to your aesthetic preferences and Michigan home needs.

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