What Are Common Lock Problems?

common lock problems

Door lock relationships can be so fickle.

On most days, you turn the key, the lock unlocks, and the door opens. You smile at each other, maybe even share a wink, and go on with your days.

And then, something happens. Suddenly, the lock is not living up to its end of the bargain. It refuses your key. It starts to seize up. Or (gasp!) it has stolen half your key!

Worry not. At Lockout Locksmiths, we know how to patch things up between you and your door lock. We offer a wide selection of quality products and services to help keep you and your family safe and secure in your Birmingham home.

While every relationship has its own set of challenges, below are some of the more common lock problems our locksmiths solve.

The Key Will Not Insert Into the Door Lock

Yes, it is your Michigan house. But are you sure it’s the right key? Double-check just to be certain. We always recommend organizing your key ring to avoid a possible mix up. This is something you will come to appreciate, especially when you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

If it is a new key, there’s a chance it was poorly cut. At Lockout Locksmiths, we value your business and promise never to rush a job that ultimately involves the safety of you and your family. You may also want to try lubricating the door lock to see if that will resolve the issue, or check the key itself to see if it is bent.

The Lock Seizes Up

You can slide the key in the lock but are unable to turn the key. If this is the case, try lubricating the lock using graphite or silicone spray. Reinsert the key and turn it in both directions to lubricate the lock. If that fails to do the job, allow one of our professionals to address the problem.

The one thing you do never want to do is force the key. Doing so will likely break the key or damage the lock.

My Key Broke in the Door

When a key breaks in a lock, your first impulse is to kick the door. As satisfying as that may seem, we have other options to consider first that will produce better results.

Do you own a pair of needle-nosed pliers, or a flathead screwdriver, or saw blade? These three tools are great to have around the house for those do-it-yourself projects. They also work wonders in extracting that broken key from the lock.

With a set of needle-nosed pliers, you can clamp down on the key and retrieve it. A saw blade allows you to “hook” the key like a fish and then gently wiggle it back out. The flathead screwdriver becomes an extension of the key itself, allowing you to unlock the door so you can grab the pliers or saw.

Steely resolve and a pair of steady hands are necessary to complete this task. If you do not have access to any of the tools, give us a call right away. We will recover the key in a heartbeat.

Slow Door Locks

Slow as molasses—that’s how long it takes for your door lock to turn. This typically occurs over time through an accumulation of dirt and grime. You can try cleaning the lock with a damp Q-tip® and then lubricating it to see if that does the job. 

Avoid using oil or grease since they can manage to clog up your lock even more. If this fails to resolve the issue, give us a call. One of our professionals will have the lock turning in no time.

Don’t Go Breaking My Lock!

If the bolt is stuck, or the lock simply fails to work, let one of our professionals replace the lock. It is probably a mechanical issue, and replacing the lock is far less trouble than trying to fix it. New locks are relatively inexpensive—swap out the old one and never look back! Call Lockout Locksmiths and we promise to put the pizazz back into your relationship with your door lock.

We Can Fix Your Lock Problems

Property crimes across the United States declined substantially in 2019, but you still want to lock your doors at night. At Lockout Locksmiths, our team of licensed and bonded professionals is ready to respond to any type of lock problem at your Birmingham, MI, home or business. Call 248-321-2244 or request service online today if you have any type of issue with your lock.

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