Why You Should Hire a Locksmith for Car Key Replacements

When your car key is lost or damaged, it may not even cross your mind to go anywhere else but the dealership for the replacement. This seems to be especially true with the advent of high-tech keys. But a professional auto locksmith is exactly where you should go. A trusted and professional locksmith, like ours at Lockout Locksmiths, can replace your key quickly, accurately, and for a fraction of the dealership’s cost.

Complicated Keys

Since 1990, car keys have changed considerably. Gone are the days of cars having a standard, machine-cut key, easily copied. Car keys now have security features to help keep their corresponding vehicle from theft. If your car’s model is later than 1990, most likely your car key is either a transponder (some with rolling codes), fob, remote, switchblade, or smart key. Each has a built-in feature making it more complicated to duplicate or start a car without that exact key. It makes no difference whether your key is from an original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an aftermarket product. A dealership isn’t the only place to get that replacement or repair for your car key. Utilizing a trusted auto locksmith makes more sense.

Why a Locksmith

Locksmiths are knowledgeable about all types of keys and are prepared to replace or repair any type. This certainly includes high-tech car keys. Unfortunately, many people still automatically assume they need to go to the dealership when they need that replacement. Some folks will even take a trip to their local auto-parts or home-improvement store before they visit a locksmith. These are mistakes. It’s much wiser to consult with your local auto locksmith.

Your local locksmith will definitely be less expensive than a dealership. Dealerships are notorious for their high prices. They have a lot of overhead they need to cover, so they pass it along to their customers. A local auto locksmith only works on locks. That’s our specialty. Our prices are considerably less than what a dealer will charge you for the same key. And on top of that, in most cases we can have your replacement or repair to you with a quicker turnaround time. We stock so many types of keys and have the correct machinery and technology on hand to tailor your key right then and there for you. Locksmiths typically don’t have to order the replacement, having it to you in a day or two. Many times, we can originate a key for most cars straight from the vehicle itself. We know you need it now, and we’re prepared for that service without overcharging you.

Your local locksmith will definitely be more knowledgeable than an auto-parts or home-improvement store. Locksmiths know locks. That’s what we do. Locks. An auto-parts store’s employees are knowledgeable about cars in general. They need to be, as they sell a myriad of items for different purposes for your car. So they’re not specialized and can easily give you the wrong information. The same goes for employees at a home-improvement store. They may have a department where they cut keys, but they don’t specialize in locks. There was a case of a man who had visited such a store first and had been given misinformation about his car key. He was told it was a transponder and was quoted a price based on that information. When he next visited an auto locksmith, he learned that his key did not have a transponder in it and was quoted a much lower price than the cost of a transponder key. Getting the correct information at the get-go gives you accuracy and saves you money.

Locksmiths know locks and keys. Though your first reaction may be to visit your dealership when you need a replacement car key, think again. Visit your local Ferndale, MI, licensed locksmith, like Lockout Locksmiths, for a fast turnaround, lower prices, and information you can trust. Call us today at 248-321-2244 for any questions you may have.